Chief Technology Officer Goran Donev

We know that you pour your heart and soul into your business and that trusting someone with the security of its technology infrastructure can make you uneasy.  So we asked one of Safe Haven IT’s owners and its Chief Technology Officer, Goran Donev, to shed some light on his business philosophy and share what he sees are the most crucial areas to address within a small business’s IT infrastructure.

Q. What led you to create Safe Haven IT?

Goran: I love building relationships and helping businesses use technology effectively and efficiently.  Once clients know me, they know I am their biggest cheerleader.  They know that if they have a question, I am an email or a call away.  My long-term clients know that I am a man of integrity.  I treat customers as a friend.  I’m interested in learning about your business and trying to help solve the technology challenges unique to small businesses.

Q.  What are you passionate about?

Goran: I am passionate about my career, about learning new technology, and also guiding businesses to use technology effectively and efficiently.  I love getting to know the passion that burns inside of you.  I try to do more than offer you a piece of hardware like a server or security software.  I strive to offer solutions that can drive your business further and make you more effective.  Maybe that’s creating a competitive advantage or helping your team be faster and more efficient.

Q. There’s probably one or two things small business owners and non-profits often ask you to help with.  What are they and what’s the solution?

Goran: Most of the time it’s security related. Not having the right backup or antivirus protection are other common problems. Many businesses don’t realize how important essentials like antivirus and off-site backup solutions really are to preventing data loss. Many are still going about it without these safeguards in place, not realizing a directed attack through a virus or ransomware can knock some companies out of business. I take the time to explain to customers that working without these essentials in your business is like driving a car without a seatbelt. Sure, 9 out of 10 trips you will be perfectly fine and there will be no issue, but it only takes one accident without a safety belt and your life can be at stake.  Same with businesses and essentials like antivirus and off-site backup.

Have questions about your business’ risk for data loss?

We’re here to answer them and can recommend the right solution for your business.

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