Small Business IT Needs

If you run your small business like you did yesterday, you won’t be here tomorrow.  That’s a pretty powerful statement, but it rings ever so true with today’s small businesses and their use of technology.  Over the last 15 years, the way small business operates has changed dramatically, but many small businesses get so bogged down with the day to day operations that they sometimes forget to look at the nitty gritty of how they are doing things now and how potentially their business will evolve.

Some business owners fear technology as though it was the devil incarnate, running the business on the bare minimum of what’s needed. But it’s worth noting that small businesses that don’t adapt and implement new technologies that may help them work smarter and more efficiently, will be surpassed by companies that do.  Outside of everyday operations and employee retention, today’s small business owner needs to plan for aging computer equipment, data security, mobile technology and more — all while keeping expenses low.

What’s your 5 year goal for financial growth? 

Business owners need to step back and determine the needs and wants of their business.  As equipment ages and pricey upgrades and contract renewals come due, some small businesses should weigh the benefits of moving some IT technology to the cloud.  This is a good time to become re-educated on technology resources available that will help your business operate more efficiently.

You’ve spent time and resources to train your staff and offered perks to ensure employee retention. Re-education also means taking a look at your employee’s needs and desires and implementing solutions that will help make their job processes easier.  A happy employee leads to good customer service!

Certain industries have a legal requirement to keep every piece of data they generate or receive.  But many small businesses can delete large quantities of data and only need to hold onto customer information and financial records.  Cloud computing can offer greater functionality and lower costs, but it can also open the doors to outside attack.  Perhaps employees need some education to ensure that they aren’t clicking on or opening files that could put you at risk, exposing your existing customer data to viruses?

Find a Trusted Advisor

There are many things to consider from the technology side of your business.  Business Technology Solution Providers understand technology and how to install configure and implement, but not all IT Consultants truly understand the business side of IT.  Safe Haven IT can come to you and review your technology services when the time works for you.  Together, we’ll come up with a solution that fits your current and future small business needs.

In future posts, we’ll look at some of the top small business technology trends our clients are asking us about and things to consider when implementing them.  Subscribe to our social media accounts to receive these updates, access to tech tips and more.

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