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As IT professionals, we handle everything from upgrades to troubleshooting, and along the way we answer a lot of questions. We’d like to share a few of our recent Windows 10 questions, answers, and tech tips:

  1. “I’ve updated to Windows 10, but now I’m not sure how to log off of my desktop.”   In the Start menu click on your name, then click on Sign Off.
  2. “Help! Somehow I’ve accidentally flipped the content on my screen sideways!”   For newer versions of Windows (such as Windows 10) right click on the desktop and select Display settings. Select Landscape from the Orientation menu. For Windows XP and older versions of Windows, press “Control” + “Alt” + “↓” on the keyboard.
  3.  “How do I transfer files from one PC to another PC?”   There are multiple ways to do this. Windows offers a cool program called PCMover Express for Windows 10 or Windows Easy Transfer for earlier versions of Windows, which makes the transfer of files from your old computer to your new one a snap. All you really need to do is find the right process for your operating system, and you are set. If you prefer the idea of manually transferring your files, and you have an external hard drive big enough to store all of your MP3s, photos, and video files, you can perform most computer upgrades simply by connecting your old computer to the external drive, clicking and dragging your files, then transferring them from the external drive onto your new computer.
  4. “How do I take a screenshot on a PC?”    Open the Snipping Tool application by typing “Snipping Tool” into the task bar. To take a screenshot with snipping tool, click “New” and with your mouse select the area of the screen that you would like to screenshot. You can then save, copy, or edit the screenshot.

Do you have a tech question that you’d like for us to answer or a few of your own favorite tech tips to share? Call us at 847-594-3209 to ask your question or share your tips!

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